Synonyms of promise in English:


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1‘if I don't go I'll be breaking my promise’


word of honour, word, assurance, pledge, vow, guarantee, oath, bond, undertaking, agreement, commitment, contract, covenant, compact

2‘Derek showed considerable promise in a number of sports’


potential, ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, potentiality

talent, flair

3‘dawn came with a promise of fine weather’


indication, hint, suggestion, sign


1‘she promised to keep it a secret’


give one's word, swear, pledge, vow, undertake, guarantee, assure, contract, engage, give an undertaking, give an assurance, commit oneself, bind oneself, cross one's heart, cross one's heart and hope to die, swear an oath, take an oath, covenant

archaic plight

2‘the skies promised a blissful day of warm summer sunshine’


indicate, give an indication of, give every indication of, lead one to expect, give good grounds for expecting, point to, denote, signify, be a sign of, be evidence of, show signs of, hint at, suggest, give hope of, hold out hopes of, bespeak, presage, be a presage of, augur, herald, bode, foreshadow, portend

literary betoken, foretoken, forebode

rare harbinger