Synonyms of prey on in English:

prey on

See definition of prey on


1‘most hoverfly larvae prey on aphids’


hunt, catch, seize

eat, devour, feed on, live on, live off

2‘it is a callous thing to do, to prey on a vulnerable elderly woman’


exploit, victimize, molest, pick on, intimidate, harass, hound, take advantage of

trick, swindle, cheat, hoodwink, fleece

attack, terrorize

blackmail, bleed

informal con

3‘the unfinished Requiem had begun to prey on his mind’


oppress, weigh on, weigh heavily on, lie heavy on, burden, be a burden on, be a burden to, hang over, gnaw at

trouble, worry, beset, disturb, depress, distress, haunt, nag, torment, plague, obsess, take over, take control of