Synonyms of presume in English:


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1‘I presume that it had once been an attic’


assume, suppose, dare say, imagine, take it, expect, believe, think, surmise, guess, judge, trust, conjecture, speculate, postulate, posit, hypothesize, deduce, divine, infer, conclude, presuppose, take for granted, take as read

2‘let me presume to give you a word of advice’


venture, dare, have the temerity, have the audacity, have the effrontery, be so bold as, make so bold as, go so far as

take the liberty of


    presume on

      ‘he was wary of presuming on their friendship’


      take advantage of, take unfair advantage of, exploit, take liberties with

      rely on, depend on, count on, bank on, reckon on, place reliance on, trust