Synonyms of prayer in English:


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1‘she stood in the chapel listening to the priest's murmured prayers’


invocation, intercession, devotion

archaic orison

2‘Shannon sent up a quick prayer that she wouldn't bump into him en route’


appeal, plea, entreaty, petition, solicitation, supplication, request, suit, invocation

rare obsecration, imploration, adjuration


    not have a prayer


      have no hope, not have a chance, not stand a chance, have no chance, stand no chance, not have the ghost of a chance, not stand the ghost of a chance

      not have a hope in hell, not have a cat in hell's chance, not have a dog's chance, not have an earthly, not stand an earthly, not have a snowball's chance, not have a snowball's chance in hell

      NZ Australian

      not have Buckley's, not have Buckley's chance