Synonyms of position in English:


See definition of position


1‘radars determine the aircraft's position’


location, place, situation, spot, site, locality, locale, scene, setting, area, point

whereabouts, bearings, orientation

NZ Australian informal possie

technical locus

2‘she levered herself into a standing position’


posture, stance, attitude, pose

set, arrangement, disposition, placement

3‘the company's financial position is dire’


situation, state, condition, circumstances, set of circumstances, state of affairs, case

predicament, plight, pass, strait, straits

4‘all the political parties were jockeying for position’


advantage, pole position, advantageous position, favourable position, the upper hand, the edge, the whip hand, primacy

North American informal the catbird seat

NZ Australian informal the box seat

5‘people's awareness of their position in society’


status, place, level, rank, grade, grading, rating, standing, station, footing

stature, prestige, influence, reputation, repute, importance, consequence, class

6‘I'm looking for a secretarial position’


job, day job, post, situation, appointment, role, occupation, employment

office, capacity, duty, function

opening, vacancy, niche, opportunity, placement

informal berth

Australian informal grip

archaic employ

7‘the chancellor was asked to clarify the government's position on the matter’


point of view, viewpoint, opinion, way of thinking, outlook, attitude, stand, standpoint, stance, posture, angle, perspective, approach, slant, thinking, policy, thoughts, ideas, sentiments, feelings


1‘he pulled out a chair and positioned it between them’


put, place, locate, situate, set, site, stand, station

lay, lie, rest, prop, plant, stick, install, settle

arrange, dispose, array, range, lay out, deploy

orient, orientate

informal plonk, park

rare posit