Synonyms of posh in English:


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1‘a posh Beverly Hills hotel’


smart, stylish, upmarket, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, select, sumptuous, opulent, lavish, grand, rich, elegant, ornate, ostentatious, showy

North American high-toned, upscale

classy, swanky, snazzy, plush, plushy, ritzy, flash, la-di-da, fancy-pants

British swish

North American swank, tony

US dicty

South African larney

British dated swagger

derogatory chichi

archaic swell

rare sprauncy

2‘her posh accent’


upper-class, aristocratic, upmarket, Home Counties

upper-crust, top-drawer

plummy, Sloaney, U