Synonyms of plan in English:


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1‘he had a new plan for raising money’


scheme, plan of action, idea, master plan, game plan, proposal, proposition, ploy, suggestion, project, programme, system, method, procedure, strategy, stratagem, formula, recipe, scenario, arrangement, schedule, agenda

way, means, measure, tactic, tack, plot, device, manoeuvre, ruse

archaic shift

2‘her plan was really just to find the hotel’


intention, aim, idea, intent, objective, object, goal, target, hope, aspiration, ambition

3‘plans for the clubhouse have been drawn up by a local architect’


blueprint, drawing, scale drawing, diagram, sketch, chart, map, layout, artist's impression

illustration, representation, delineation

North American plat


1‘plan your route in advance’


organize, arrange, work out, think out, design, line up, outline, sketch out, map out, chalk out, draft, prepare, schedule, programme, formulate, frame, project, develop, set up, fix up, shape, build, devise, concoct, contrive

plot, scheme, cook up, hatch, brew, mastermind, orchestrate, choreograph

North American slate

rare excogitate

2‘he plans to buy an apartment in the city’


intend, make plans, aim, propose, mean, be resolved, have in mind, hope, want, wish, desire, contemplate, envisage, foresee, envision, expect

formal purpose

3‘there are many things to bear in mind when planning a new garden’


design, draw up a plan of, make a drawing of, draw up a layout of, sketch out, make a map of, map out, make a representation of

North American plat