Synonyms of pile in English

: pile1pile2pile3


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1‘a pile of stones’


heap, stack, mound, pyramid, mass, quantity, bundle, clump, bunch, jumble

collection, accumulation

assemblage, store, stockpile, aggregation

hoard, load, tower, rick

North American cold deck

Irish Northern English Scottish rickle

Scottish bing

2‘I've a pile of work to do’


great deal, lot, great amount, large amount, large quantity, abundance, superabundance, cornucopia, plethora, wealth, profusion, mountain

quantities, reams, plenty

informal load, heap, mass, ocean, stack, ton

British informal shedload

North American informal slew

NZ Australian informal swag

vulgar slang shitload

North American vulgar slang assload

3‘he wants to make his pile as quickly as possible’


fortune, considerable sum of money, large sum of money, vast sum of money, millions, billions

small fortune, mint, heaps of money, lots of money, pots of money, stacks of money, bomb, packet, killing, bundle, wad, tidy sum, pretty penny, telephone numbers

British shedloads, loadsamoney

North American big bucks, big money, gazillions

Australian big bickies, motser, motza

4‘his recently inherited stately pile’


mansion, stately home, hall, manor, big house, manor house, country house, castle, palace

edifice, impressive building, impressive structure, residence, abode, seat

château, manoir



1‘he piled up brushwood’


heap, heap up, stack, stack up, make a heap of, make a pile of, make a stack of

accumulate, assemble, put together

2‘he piled his plate with the fried eggs’


load, heap, fill, fill up, lade, pack, stack, charge, stuff, cram

smother, stock

3‘news was meanwhile piling up’


increase, grow, rise, mount, escalate, soar, spiral, leap up, shoot up, rocket, climb, accumulate, accrue, build up, multiply, intensify, swell

literary wax

4‘they piled up the points’


amass, accumulate, collect, gather, gather in, pull in, assemble, stockpile, heap up, store up, garner, lay by, lay in, put by

bank, deposit, husband, save, save up, squirrel away, salt away

informal stash away

5‘half a dozen of us piled into an old station wagon’


crowd, climb, charge, tumble, stream, flock, flood, pack, squeeze, push, shove, jostle, elbow, crush, jam

Synonyms of pile in English

: pile1pile2pile3


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1‘a wall supported by timber piles’


post, rod, pillar, column, support, foundation, piling

plinth, pedestal, foot, footing, base, substructure, underpinning, bed, subfloor, abutment, pier, cutwater, buttress, stanchion, prop, stay, upright

rare underprop

Synonyms of pile in English

: pile1pile2pile3


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1‘a carpet with a short pile’


fibres, threads, loops

nap, velvet, shag, plush

fur, hair

soft surface, surface


    pile it on

      ‘it was a sad case but he really piled it on’


      exaggerate, overstate the case, make a mountain out of a molehill, overdo, overplay, dramatize, overdramatize, catastrophize

      lay it on thick, lay it on with a trowel, ham it up, blow up out of all proportion, give someone a sob story