Synonyms of pell-mell in English:


See definition of pell-mell


1‘the sparrows fly pell-mell up the hedgerow’


helter-skelter, headlong, full tilt, at full tilt, hotfoot, post-haste, hurriedly, hastily

wildly, impetuously, recklessly, rashly, precipitately, impulsively

informal slap bang

archaic hurry-scurry

2‘the words slipped pell-mell into one another’


in disorder, in confusion, in a jumble, in a muddle, in disarray, in a disorganized manner, untidily, in a mess, in a heap, anyhow

informal all over the place, every which way

British informal all over the shop, shambolically

North American informal all over the map, all over the lot