Synonyms of patrol in English:


See definition of patrol


1‘anti-poaching patrols have ceased’


vigil, guard, watch, monitoring, policing, beat, beat-pounding, patrolling, round, sentry duty

reconnoitre, surveillance, survey, examination

informal recce

2‘at 2.20 the patrol reached the jeeps’


patrolman, patrolwoman, sentinel, sentry, garrison, defender

detail, scout, scouting party, task force, escort, convoy


1‘a security guard was attacked patrolling a housing estate’


keep guard, keep guard on, guard, keep watch, keep watch on

police, walk the beat, walk the beat of, pound the beat, pound the beat of, make the rounds, make the rounds of, walk along, walk round, range, range over, perform sentry duty, perform sentry duty on

picket, stand guard, stand guard over, keep a vigil, keep a vigil on, keep a lookout, keep a lookout over, cover, monitor, defend, safeguard

cruise, pound, prowl, rove, roam