Synonyms of passion in English:


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1‘the passion with which voters attach themselves to a particular political party’


fervour, ardour, intensity, enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal, zealousness, vehemence, vigour, avidity, avidness, feeling, emotion, fire, heat, fieriness, fierceness, excitement, energy, animation, gusto, zest, zestfulness, spirit, spiritedness, commitment, fanaticism, violence

rare fervency, ardency, passionateness


indifference, apathy

2‘he gradually worked himself up into a passion’


rage, blind rage, fit of anger, fit of rage, fit of temper, temper, towering rage, outburst of anger, tantrum, fury, frenzy, paroxysm, fever

British informal paddy

British dated, informal wax, bate, paddywhack

3‘Roman's deep voice was husky with passion’


love, desire, sexual love, sexual desire, lust, ardour, hunger, yearning, longing, craving, adoration, infatuation, lasciviousness, lustfulness

amour fou

rare concupiscence, nympholepsy

4‘his passion for football’


enthusiasm, love, mania, keen interest, fascination, obsession, fanaticism, fixation, predilection, compulsion, appetite, relish, partiality, liking, interest, weakness, penchant, addiction, fondness

informal thing, yen

rare appetency

5‘English literature is something of a passion with me’


obsession, preoccupation, craze, mania, rage, hobby horse

6‘the Passion of Christ’


crucifixion, pain, suffering, agony, martyrdom

rare martyrization