Synonyms of party in English:


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1‘150 people attended the party’


social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social

dance, ball, ceilidh, frolic, carousal, carouse

North American fete, hoedown, shower, bake, cookout, levee

NZ Australian corroboree

West Indian bashment




informal bash, shindig, shindy, rave, blowout, beer-up, disco, do, shebang, bop, hop, whoopee, after-party

British informal rave-up, thrash, knees-up, beanfeast, beano, bunfight, jolly, lig

Irish informal hooley, crack

North American informal blast, wingding, kegger

NZ Australian informal shivoo, rage, ding, jollo, rort

South African informal jol

dated squash, squeeze, ding-dong

2‘a party of British tourists arrived’


group, company, body, gang, band, crowd, pack, contingent

informal bunch, crew, gaggle, posse, load

3‘left-wing parties were highly critical of the proposals’


faction, political party, group, grouping, side, alliance, affiliation, association, coalition, movement, cabal, junta, bloc, camp, set, caucus, sect

4‘a certain party's name is not to be mentioned’


person, individual, human being, somebody, someone

informal character

5‘the trial judge must apportion blame between the parties’


litigant, plaintiff, defendant



1‘let's party!’


celebrate, have fun, enjoy oneself, have a party, have a good time, have a wild time, rave it up, carouse, make merry

informal go out on the town, paint the town red, whoop it up, let one's hair down, make whoopee, have a night on the tiles, live it up, have a ball, go on a bender, push the boat out, go on a spree

South African informal jol


    be a party to

      ‘I am not going to be a party to their plan for nabbing you’


      get involved in, get involved with, be associated with, concern oneself in, involve oneself in, be a participant in, touch, handle