Synonyms of overtake in English:


See definition of overtake


1‘a green car overtook the taxi’


pass, get past, go past, go by, overhaul, get ahead of, pull ahead of, leave behind, outdistance, outstrip

gain on, catch up with, draw level with, go faster than

British undertake

2‘tourism overtook coffee as the main earner of foreign currency’


outstrip, surpass, overshadow, eclipse, outshine, outclass

dwarf, put in the shade, put to shame, excel, exceed, transcend, top, cap, trump, beat, better

informal leave standing, walk away from

archaic outrival, outvie

3‘the calamity which overtook us’


befall, happen to, come upon, hit, strike, fall on, overwhelm, overpower, overcome, be visited on, engulf, sweep over, take by surprise, surprise, catch unawares, catch unprepared, catch off guard

literary betide, whelm