Synonyms of overshadow in English:


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1‘a massive hill overshadows the town’


shade, darken, conceal, obscure, block out, obliterate, eclipse, screen, shroud, veil, mantle, cloak, mask

dominate, command, overlook

2‘it is easy to let this feeling of tragedy overshadow his story’


cast gloom over, blight, take the pleasure out of, bring a note of sadness to, take the edge off, mar, spoil, ruin

3‘he was always overshadowed by his brilliant elder brother’


outshine, eclipse, put in the shade, surpass, exceed, excel, be superior to, outclass, outstrip, outdo, top, cap, trump, transcend, tower above, tower over, dwarf, upstage, shame, put to shame, outdistance, lead

informal be head and shoulders above, be a cut above

archaic extinguish