Synonyms of overdo in English:


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1‘if you overdo the atmosphere, the effect is likely to be comic’


exaggerate, overstate, do to death, overemphasize, overplay, go overboard with, dramatize, overdramatize

colour, embroider, embellish, overembellish, inflate, amplify, magnify, make a mountain out of a molehill, blow up, blow up out of all proportion

informal ham up, camp up, make a thing about, make a thing of, make a big thing about, make a big thing of, pile on, lay it on thick, lay it on with a trowel, make a production of, make a big deal out of

archaic pull the longbow


understate, play down

2‘don't overdo the drink’


do too much …, drink too much …, have too much …, use too much …, overindulge in, do to excess, drink to excess, eat to excess, have to excess, use to excess, carry too far, carry to extremes, not know when to stop, be intemperate

3‘they always overdid beef’


overcook, overbake, burn, burn to a cinder, burn to a crisp

informal burn to a frazzle


    overdo it


      work too hard, overwork, do too much, work like a horse, work like a slave, work like a Trojan, work day and night, burn the midnight oil, burn the candle at both ends, strain oneself, sweat, sweat blood, overtax oneself, overtax one's strength, overburden oneself, overload oneself, drive oneself too hard, push oneself too hard, run oneself into the ground, work oneself into the ground, wear oneself to a shadow, work one's fingers to the bone, wear oneself out, have too many irons in the fire, have too many balls in the air, burn oneself out, bite off more than one can chew


      kill oneself, knock oneself out

      vulgar slang

      sweat one's balls off, work one's balls off