Synonyms of orientate in English:


See definition of orientate


1‘the public stair allows people to orientate themselves within the whole building’


find one's bearings, get one's bearings, get the lie of the land, establish one's location, feel one's way, orient oneself

2‘I will undoubtedly orientate myself to my new surroundings’


adapt, adjust, accommodate, familiarize, acclimatize, accustom, attune, orient, habituate, condition, find one's feet

play oneself in

North American acclimate

3‘people prefer a name that is orientated to the British and/or American markets’


aim, direct, slant, angle, orient, pitch, steer, design, intend

4‘the two chambers are orientated towards the rising sun of the spring and autumn equinoxes’


align, orient, place, position, put, dispose, situate, set