Synonyms of organize in English:


See definition of organize


1‘try to organize your thoughts’


put in order, order, arrange, sort, sort out, assemble, marshal, put straight, group, dispose, classify, collocate, categorize, catalogue, codify, tabulate, compile, systematize, systemize, regulate, regiment, standardize, structure, shape, mould, knock into shape, lick into shape, pigeonhole


rare methodize


jumble, disorganize

2‘a local man organized a search party’


make arrangements for, arrange, coordinate, sort out, put together, fix up, get together, orchestrate, choreograph, be responsible for, be in charge of, take care of, look after, see to, see about, deal with, direct, run, manage, conduct, administrate, set up, mobilize, mastermind, engineer

institute, develop, form, create, establish, found, originate, begin, start

schedule, timetable, programme

rare concert