Synonyms of offended in English:


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1‘she was so offended she asked him to leave at once’


upset, hurt, wounded, injured, insulted, aggrieved, affronted, pained, displeased, distressed, disgruntled, put out, annoyed, angered, angry, cross, exasperated, indignant, irritated, vexed, piqued, irked, stung, galled, nettled, needled, peeved, ruffled, resentful, in a huff, huffy, in high dudgeon, fed up

West Indian vex

informal riled, miffed, miffy, rattled, aggravated, peed off, hacked off

British informal narked, eggy, cheesed off, browned off, brassed off

North American informal sore, teed off, ticked off

vulgar slang pissed off

archaic snuffy