Synonyms of offend in English:


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1‘I'm sorry if anything I said offended him’


hurt someone's feelings, give offence to, affront, upset, displease, distress, hurt, wound, pain, injure, be an affront to, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, disgruntle, put out, annoy, anger, exasperate, irritate, vex, pique, gall, irk, provoke, rankle with, nettle, needle, peeve, tread on someone's toes, ruffle, ruffle someone's feathers, rub up the wrong way, make someone's hackles rise, insult, humiliate, embarrass, mortify, scandalize, shock, outrage, spite

informal rile, miff, rattle, aggravate, put someone's nose out of joint, get up someone's nose, get under someone's skin, hack off, get someone's goat, get to, bug

British informal nark, get on someone's wick

North American informal tick off

vulgar slang piss off

2‘he didn't smoke and the smell of ash offended him’


displease, be displeasing to, be distasteful to, be disagreeable to, be offensive to, cause offence to, upset, put off, disgust, repel, revolt, be repugnant to, repulse, turn someone's stomach, sicken, nauseate, make sick, make someone's gorge rise

informal turn off

North American informal gross out


please, delight

3‘a small hard core of criminals who offend again and again’


break the law, commit a crime, do wrong, sin, go astray, fall from grace, err, transgress

archaic trespass