Synonyms of obsess in English:


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1‘thoughts of his own mortality obsessed him’


preoccupy, be uppermost in someone's mind, prey on someone's mind, prey on, possess, haunt, consume, plague, torment, hound, bedevil, take control of, take over, become an obsession with, have a hold on, engross, eat up, have a grip on, grip, dominate, rule, control, beset, monopolize


    be obsessed

      ‘she's obsessed with him’


      be fixated, be preoccupied, be infatuated, be possessed, be haunted, be consumed, be plagued, be tormented, be bedevilled, be eaten up, be gripped, be in the grip of, be dominated, be beset


      be hung up about, be hung up on, have a thing about, have someone on the brain, have something on the brain, have a bee in one's bonnet

      North American informal

      be hipped