Synonyms of nonsense in English:


See definition of nonsense


1‘don't talk complete nonsense, please!’


rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether

informal hogwash, rot, baloney, tripe, drivel, gobbledegook, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, hot air, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, twaddle, dribble

British informal cobblers, codswallop, cock, stuff and nonsense, tosh, double Dutch, flannel, waffle

Northern English Scottish informal havers

North American informal garbage, flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa, applesauce

informal, dated bunkum, tommyrot, cod, gammon, toffee

vulgar slang shit, bullshit, crap, bollocks, balls

North American vulgar slang crapola

NZ Australian vulgar slang bulldust



2‘modern, mechanized methods would make economic nonsense on a smallholding’


ridiculousness, stupidity, absurdity, ludicrousness, inanity, fatuity, pointlessness, foolishness, folly, foolhardiness, silliness, idiocy, senselessness, insanity, madness


sense, wisdom

3‘Elaine could not see the villagers putting up with any nonsense from her’


mischief, mischievousness, naughtiness, badness

bad behaviour, misbehaviour, misconduct, misdemeanour, perversity, pranks, tricks, larks, capers, joking, jesting, clowning, buffoonery, roguery, devilry, funny business


informal tomfoolery, monkey tricks, monkey business, shenanigans, goings-on, hanky-panky

British informal carry-on, carryings-on, jiggery-pokery

archaic deviltry