Synonyms of nick in English:


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1‘there was a slight nick half way up the blade’


cut, scratch, abrasion, incision, snick, scrape

notch, chip, score, gouge, gash

dent, indentation

flaw, mark, blemish, defect

2‘you'll end up in the nick’


prison, jail, penal institution, place of detention, lock-up, place of confinement, guardhouse, detention centre

young offender institution

North American penitentiary, correctional facility, jailhouse, boot camp, stockade, house of correction

the clink, the slammer, inside, stir, the jug, the big house, the brig, the glasshouse

North American the can, the pen, the cooler, the joint, the pokey, the slam, the skookum house, the calaboose, the hoosegow

dated the chokey, bird, quod

historical pound, roundhouse

historical youth custody centre, approved school, borstal, bridewell

Scottish historical tollbooth

historical bastille

North American historical reformatory

3‘she was down at Lewisham nick, helping police with their enquiries’


police station, station

North American precinct, station house, substation

Indian kotwali, thana

cop shop

4‘the car's in fairly good nick’


condition, repair, shape, state, state of health, order, working order, form, fettle, trim


1‘I didn't nick my skin even though I shaved quickly’


cut, scratch, abrade, incise, snick, scrape

notch, chip, gouge, gash, score

2‘he says you nicked his wallet’


steal, purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, abscond with, run off with, appropriate, abstract, carry off, shoplift

embezzle, misappropriate

have one's fingers in the till, have one's hand in the till

walk away with, walk off with, run away with, run off with, rob, swipe, nab, rip off, lift, liberate, filch, snaffle, snitch, souvenir

pinch, half-inch, whip, knock off, nobble, bone, scrump, blag

North American heist, glom

Australian snavel

Australian dated clifty

West Indian tief

archaic crib, hook

rare peculate, defalcate

walk, go walkies

3‘Steve's been nicked’


arrest, apprehend, take into custody, seize, take in, take prisoner, detain, put in jail, throw in jail

pick up, run in, pull in, haul in, pinch, cop, bust, nab, nail, do, collar, feel someone's collar




    in the nick of time

      ‘they arrived in the nick of time’


      just in time, not a moment too soon, almost too late, at the critical moment

      North American informal

      under the wire


      in the Godspeed, in the very nick