Synonyms of nervy in English:


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1‘Harriet isn't the nervy type’


nervous, anxious, tense, on edge, edgy, strained, stressed, agitated, apprehensive, in a state of nerves, in a state of agitation, uneasy, restless, worked up, keyed up, overwrought, wrought up, strung out, jumpy, on tenterhooks, with one's stomach in knots, fidgety, fearful, frightened, scared, with one's heart in one's mouth, like a cat on a hot tin roof, quaking, trembling, shaking, shaking in one's shoes, shaky, on pins and needles, in a cold sweat, fevered, febrile

excitable, neurotic, highly strung

informal in a state, uptight, wired, in a stew, all of a dither, in a sweat, in a flap, in a tizz, in a tizzy, all of a lather, het up, in a twitter

informal strung up, stressy, windy, having kittens, all of a doodah, like a cat on hot bricks

North American informal spooky, squirrelly, in a twit

NZ Australian informal toey

vulgar slang shitting bricks, bricking oneself

dated overstrung


calm, relaxed, laid-back, easy-going