Synonyms of myriad in English:


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1‘myriads of insects danced around the light’


multitude, a great number, a great quantity, a large number, a large quantity, a lot, scores, quantities, mass, crowd, throng, host, droves, horde, army, legion, sea, swarm

informal lots, loads, masses, stacks, tons, oodles, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, zillions, more … than one can shake a stick at

British informal shedload

North American informal slew, gazillions, bazillions, gobs

NZ Australian informal swag

vulgar slang shitload

North American vulgar slang assload


1‘the myriad lights of the city’


innumerable, countless, infinite, numberless, unlimited, untold, limitless, unnumbered, immeasurable, multitudinous, numerous, manifold, multiple, legion, several, many, various, sundry, diverse, multifarious

literary divers

rare innumerous, unnumberable