Synonyms of mug in English:


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1‘a china mug’


beaker, cup

tankard, glass, stein, flagon, pot, pint pot, toby jug

dated seidel

archaic stoup

2‘I never want to see your ugly mug again’


face, features, countenance, physiognomy


British mush, phiz, phizog, dial

British rhyming slang boat race

Irish Scottish coupon

Northern Irish bake

North American puss, pan

literary visage

archaic front

3‘he's no mug—he's got it all worked out’


fool, simpleton, innocent, dupe, gull

sucker, easy touch, soft touch, pushover, chump, noddle, dummy, dope, dimwit, dumbo, nerd, knucklehead, lamebrain, pea-brain, pudding-head, thickhead, wooden-head, pinhead, airhead, birdbrain

British muggins, juggins, charlie

North American patsy, sap, schlemiel, pigeon, mark

NZ Australian dill

North American vulgar slang asshat


1‘he was mugged by three youths who stole his bike’


assault, attack, set upon, beat up, knock down, rob

informal jump, rough up, lay into, work over, steam

British informal duff up, do over

North American informal stick up