Synonyms of muck about/around in English:

muck about/around

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1‘he was mucking about with his mates’


fool about, fool around, play about, play around, fiddle about, fiddle around, amuse oneself, clown about, clown around, footle about, footle around

mess about, mess around, horse about, horse around, lark, lark about, lark around, screw around, puddle about, puddle around

fanny about, fanny around

vulgar slang frig about, frig around, fuck about, fuck around

vulgar slang piss about, piss around, arse about, arse around, bugger about, bugger around

2‘someone's been mucking about with the video’


interfere, fiddle, fiddle about, fiddle around, play about, play around, tamper, meddle, tinker, monkey, monkey about, monkey around

mess, mess about, mess around, dick around