Synonyms of mishandle in English:


See definition of mishandle


1‘he was accused of mishandling the allocation of land for development’


botch, bungle, fluff, fumble, make a mess of

mismanage, misdirect, misgovern, misconduct, mar, spoil, ruin, mangle, wreck

informal make a hash of, muff, mess up, muck up, foul up, screw up, bitch up

British informal make a muck of, make a pig's ear of, make a Horlicks of, cock up

vulgar slang balls up, fuck up

2‘he mishandled people and pushed them about’


bully, persecute, treat badly, ill-treat, mistreat, maltreat, abuse, ill-use, misuse, knock about, knock around, hit, beat, strike, manhandle, maul, molest, injure, harm, hurt

informal beat up, rough up, do over

3‘the equipment could be dangerous if mishandled’


misuse, abuse, use inexpertly, misapply, handle roughly, treat roughly