Synonyms of mess in English:


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1‘please clear up the mess in the kitchen’


untidiness, disorder, disarray, clutter, heap, shambles, litter, tangle, jumble, muddle, mishmash, chaos, confusion, disorganization, turmoil

informal muck, fright, sight

British informal dog's breakfast, dog's dinner, tip

2‘there was cat mess all over the room’


excrement, dung, muck, faeces, excreta, dirt

3‘I've got to get out of this mess’


plight, predicament, emergency, tight spot, tight corner, difficulty, straits, trouble, quandary, dilemma, problem, muddle, mix-up, confusion, complication, imbroglio, entanglement, mire

informal jam, fix, pickle, stew, hot water, hole, fine kettle of fish, pretty kettle of fish, scrape

4‘what a mess he made of the project’


muddle, botch, bungle, wreck

informal hash, muck, foul-up, screw-up

British informal cock-up, shambles, omnishambles, car crash

North American informal snafu

vulgar slang fuck-up, balls-up


    make a mess of

      ‘she felt she had made a complete mess of her life’


      mismanage, mishandle, misdirect, misgovern, misconduct, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, mess up, mar, spoil, ruin, wreck


      make a hash of, muff, muck up, foul up, screw up, bitch up

      British informal

      make a muck of, make a pig's ear of, make a Horlicks of, cock up

      vulgar slang

      balls up, bugger up, fuck up