Synonyms of medicine in English:


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1‘she poured out a dose of medicine for her mother’


medication, medicament, remedy, cure, nostrum, patent medicine, quack remedy, panacea, cure-all, placebo, drug, prescription, dose, treatment

archaic physic

rare medicinal

2‘the remarkable achievements of modern medicine’


medical science, practice of medicine, healing, therapeutics, therapy, treatment, healing art


    give someone a dose/taste of their own medicine


      get even, get even with, get back at, get, let someone see how it feels, get one's revenge, have one's revenge, take one's revenge, get one's revenge on, have one's revenge on, take one's revenge on, be revenged, be revenged on, revenge oneself, revenge oneself on, hit back, hit back at

      even the score, even the score with, settle a score, settle the score, settle accounts, settle accounts with, get one's own back, get one's own back on, give as good as one gets, play tit for tat, play tit for tat with, pay someone back, repay, reciprocate, retaliate, retaliate against, take reprisals, take reprisals against, exact retribution, exact retribution on


      give someone their comeuppance

    take one's medicine


      accept one's punishment, take the consequences of one's actions


      take the rap, take it on the chin