Synonyms of massacre in English:


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1‘a cold-blooded massacre of innocent civilians’


slaughter, wholesale slaughter, mass slaughter, wholesale killing, indiscriminate killing

murder, murdering, mass murder, mass homicide, execution, mass execution, destruction, mass destruction, annihilation, extermination, liquidation, decimation, carnage, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing, holocaust, Shoah, night of the long knives

literary slaying

rare battue, hecatomb

2‘the match was an 8–0 massacre’

See rout


1‘thousands were brutally massacred by the soldiers’


slaughter, butcher, murder, kill, annihilate, exterminate, execute, liquidate, eliminate, destroy, decimate, kill off, wipe out, mow down, cut down, cut to pieces, put to the sword, put to death, send to the gas chambers

literary slay

2‘they were absolutely massacred in the final’