Synonyms of leg in English:


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1‘he broke his leg in a football match’


lower limb, shank

limb, member

technical crus

informal stump, peg, pin

2‘a gilded table leg’


upright, support, prop, brace, underpinning, column

3‘the first leg of a European tour’


part, stage, portion, segment, section, bit, phase, stretch, lap, step, instalment

passage, subdivision, subsection, juncture


    give someone a leg up

      ‘parents want to give their kids a leg up in the world’


      assist someone, help someone, act as someone's support, give someone assistance, lend someone a helping hand, come to someone's aid

      give someone a boost, boost, advance, raise, kick-start, give someone a flying start

    on its last legs

      1‘your car looked as though it was on its last legs’


      dilapidated, worn out, rickety, about to break, about to fall apart, about to collapse


      in good condition

      Variant spelling on one's last legs

      2‘a foundry business that was on its last legs’


      about to fail, failing, about to go bankrupt, near to ruin, going to the wall


      going bust, going down the toilet



      Variant spelling on one's last legs
    pull someone's leg

      ‘it's all right, Robbie, I was only pulling your leg’


      tease, rag, make fun of, chaff, trick, joke with, play a joke on, play a trick on, play a practical joke on, taunt, jest

      hoax, fool, deceive, misguide, lead on, hoodwink, dupe, beguile, gull


      kid, have on, rib, wind up, take for a ride, lead up the garden path, take the mickey out of, make a monkey out of

      North American informal

      put on


      tease, fool, play a trick on, make fun of, joke with, rag, chaff, twit, pull the wool over someone's eyes


      kid, bamboozle, lead up the garden path, take for a ride, rib, take the mickey out of, get a rise out of, take a rise out of

      British informal

      wind up, have on

    stretch one's legs

      ‘after two days on the bus we were glad of the chance to stretch our legs’


      go for a walk, take a walk, go for a stroll, walk, stroll, move about, promenade, get some exercise, get some air, take the air

    leg it

      1‘if the dog starts growling, leg it!’


      run away, run, flee, make off, make a break for it, escape, hurry, decamp

      hightail it, hotfoot it, make a run for it, make tracks, cut and run, skedaddle, vamoose, show a clean pair of heels, split, scoot, scram, hook it


      scarper, do a runner, get cracking, get a move on



      Variant spelling leg

      2‘I am part of a sales team legging it around London’


      walk, march, tramp, trek, trudge, plod, wander, ramble, go on foot

      go on Shanks's pony

      Variant spelling leg