Synonyms of large in English:


See definition of large


1‘a large house’


big, great, huge, of considerable size, sizeable, substantial, immense, enormous, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, cosmic, goodly, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, monstrous

towering, tall, high, lofty

mighty, epic, inordinate, voluminous, unlimited, king-size, king-sized, giant-size, giant-sized, man-size, man-sized, outsize, oversized, overgrown, considerable, major, Brobdingnagian

cumbersome, unwieldy

informal jumbo, whopping, whopping great, thumping, thumping great, mega, humongous, monster, astronomical, dirty great

British informal whacking, whacking great, ginormous



2‘a large red-faced man’


big, burly, heavy, tall, bulky, thickset, heavyset, chunky, strapping, powerfully built, hefty, muscular, muscle-bound, brawny, muscly, husky, solid, powerful, sturdy, solidly built, broad-shouldered, strong, big and strong, rugged, Herculean

fat, plump, overweight, chubby, stout, weighty, meaty, fleshy, portly, rotund, flabby, well fed, paunchy, Falstaffian, obese, gross, corpulent


informal hunky, hulking, beefy, roly-poly, tubby, pudgy, porky, well upholstered, broad in the beam

British informal podgy, fubsy

North American informal zaftig, corn-fed, lard-assed


small, thin

3‘a large supply of wool’


abundant, copious, plentiful, ample, liberal, generous, lavish, profuse, bountiful, bumper, boundless, teeming, overflowing, good, considerable, superabundant, opulent, handsome, galore, sufficient

informal tidy

literary plenteous


meagre, scanty

4‘the measure has large economic implications’


wide-reaching, far-reaching, wide-ranging, wide, sweeping, large-scale, broad, extensive, comprehensive, exhaustive, wholesale, global


trivial, petty


    at large

      1‘fourteen criminals are still at large’


      at liberty, free, on the loose, on the run, fugitive

      unconfined, unrestrained, roaming, loose, unbound, unrestricted, untied, unchained, unshackled, unfettered, set loose, wild

      North American informal

      on the lam


      confined, in prison

      2‘society at large’


      as a whole, as a body, generally, in general, in the main


      in particular, specifically

      3‘he speaks at large of the choroid plexus’


      in detail, with full details, exhaustively, at length, extensively

    by and large

      ‘the children, by and large, treated him well’


      on the whole, generally, in general, altogether, all things considered, all in all, taking everything into consideration, for the most part, in the main, as a rule, overall, usually, normally, ordinarily, almost always, customarily, habitually, typically, mainly, mostly, basically, chiefly, predominantly, principally, substantially

      on average, in most cases, on balance, to all intents and purposes

      ‘by and large, all of the chapters follow the same format’


      largely, mostly, mainly, to a large extent, to a great extent, to a great degree, on the whole, chiefly, generally, in general, predominantly, substantially, primarily, overall, for the most part, in the main, principally, in great measure, preponderantly, first and foremost, for all intents and purposes, basically

      usually, typically, commonly