Synonyms of kind in English

: kind1kind2


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1‘she brought all kinds of gifts’


sort, type, variety, style, form, class, category, genre

genus, species, race, breed, family, strain, order, natural kind

brand, make, model, design, version, line, mark

2‘the trials were different in kind from any that preceded them’


character, nature, essence, quality, disposition, make-up, calibre

type, style, stamp, manner, description, mould, cast, temperament, ilk, kidney, persuasion

North American stripe

archaic grain

Synonyms of kind in English

: kind1kind2


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1‘she's a kind girl and often rings me’


kindly, good-natured, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, good-hearted, tender, caring, feeling, affectionate, loving, warm, gentle, mellow, mild

considerate, helpful, thoughtful, obliging, unselfish, selfless, altruistic, good, cooperative, accommodating, attentive

compassionate, sympathetic, understanding, big-hearted, benevolent, benign, friendly, neighbourly, courteous, agreeable, pleasant, nice, amiable, hospitable, well meaning, well intentioned, public-spirited, well meant

generous, magnanimous, indulgent, tolerant, charitable, gracious, lenient, humane, merciful, clement, pitying, forbearing, long-suffering, patient

liberal, open-handed, lavish, bountiful, unsparing, unstinting, beneficent, munificent, giving


handsome, princely

British informal decent

literary bounteous

rare benignant


unkind, inconsiderate, mean, cruel


    kind of

      ‘it got kind of cosy’


      rather, quite, fairly, moderately, somewhat, a little, slightly, a shade

      in a way, in a manner of speaking, after a fashion, as one might say

      sort of, a bit, kinda, pretty, a touch, a thought, a tad, ish