Synonyms of killing in English:


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1‘the community was shocked by the brutal killing’


murder, taking of life, assassination, homicide, manslaughter, liquidation, elimination, doing to death, putting to death, execution, dispatch, martyrdom

slaughter, massacre, butchery, carnage, bloodshed, destruction, decimation, extermination, eradication, annihilation, wiping out, extinction

patricide, matricide, parricide, infanticide, filicide

literary slaying


1‘a killing blow’


deadly, lethal, fatal, mortal, death-dealing, causing death, life-threatening, final, destructive, dangerous

murderous, homicidal

literary deathly

2‘the Minister has a killing schedule’


exhausting, gruelling, punishing, taxing, draining, wearing, prostrating, sapping, crushing, tiring, fatiguing, debilitating, enervating, arduous, tough, demanding, onerous, strenuous, rigorous, relentless, unsparing, grinding, formidable

murderous, back-breaking

British knackering

3‘the suspense will be killing’


unbearable, intolerable, unendurable, not to be borne, more than one can bear, more than flesh and blood can stand, insupportable, impossible

cruel, heartbreaking, painful, excruciating, agonizing, grievous

4‘‘I think he's absolutely killing,’ said Muriel’


hilarious, hysterically funny, outrageously funny, too funny for words, uproarious, riotous, comic, comical, chucklesome, amusing, laughable, absurd, ludicrous, outrageous

priceless, side-splitting, a scream, a hoot, rib-tickling, killingly funny, screamingly funny


    make a killing

      ‘investors are set to make a killing in the sell-off’


      make a large profit, make a fortune, make one's fortune, gain, profit, make money, be successful, be lucky

      clean up, strike it rich, rake it in, make a pile, make one's pile, make a packet, make a bundle, make a pretty penny


      make a bomb

      North American

      make big bucks