Synonyms of kid in English

: kid1kid2


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1‘she is married with three kids’


child, youngster, little one, young one, baby, toddler, infant, boy, girl, young person, minor, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, youth, stripling

offspring, daughter, son

Scottish bairn, wean

West Indian pickney

kiddie, nipper, tot, tiny, kiddiewink, shaver, young 'un

British sprog

North American rug rat

NZ Australian ankle-biter

derogatory brat, urchin

literary babe

Synonyms of kid in English

: kid1kid2


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1‘the village is called Hell—I'm not kidding’


joke, tease, jest, chaff, be facetious

pretend, play, fool about, fool around

pull someone's leg, wind up, have on, rib, josh

North American pull someone's chain, fun, shuck

2‘why did I kid myself that I'd succeed?’


delude, deceive, fool, trick, take in, hoodwink, hoax, beguile, dupe, gull, bamboozle

con, pull the wool over someone's eyes

literary cozen