Synonyms of joyous in English:


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1‘her joyous expression’


joyful, cheerful, happy, jolly, merry, bright, sunny, light-hearted, in good spirits, in high spirits, sparkling, bubbly, effervescent, exuberant, ebullient, cock-a-hoop, breezy, airy, cheery, sprightly, jaunty, smiling, grinning, beaming, laughing, mirthful, radiant

jubilant, overjoyed, beside oneself with joy, thrilled, ecstatic, euphoric, blissful, on cloud nine, on cloud seven, elated, delighted, glad, gleeful, gratified

jovial, genial, good-humoured, happy-go-lucky, carefree, unworried, untroubled, without a care in the world, full of the joys of spring

buoyant, optimistic, hopeful, full of hope, positive

content, contented

informal upbeat, chipper, chirpy, peppy, smiley, sparky, over the moon, on top of the world

North American informal peart

dated gay

NZ Australian informal wrapped

literary jocund, gladsome, blithe, blithesome

archaic of good cheer


sad, miserable