Synonyms of joke in English:


See definition of joke


1‘they sat round the table telling jokes’


funny story, jest, witticism, quip, pleasantry

pun, play on words

shaggy-dog story, old chestnut, double entendre


informal gag, wisecrack, crack, funny, one-liner, rib-tickler, killer, knee-slapper, thigh-slapper

North American informal boffola

rare blague

2‘he was given to playing stupid jokes on people’


trick, practical joke, prank, stunt, hoax, jape

informal leg-pull, lark, spoof

Australian informal goak

North American informal, dated cutup

archaic quiz

Scottish archaic cantrip

3‘he soon became a joke to most of us because he was so pedantic’


laughing stock, figure of fun, source of amusement, object of ridicule

British Aunt Sally

4‘the present system is nothing short of a joke’


farce, travesty, waste of time

standing joke


North American shuck


1‘she laughed and joked with the guests’


tell jokes, crack jokes

jest, banter, quip

informal wisecrack, josh

2‘don't panic—I'm only joking’


fool, fool about, fool around, play a prank, play a trick, play a joke, play a practical joke, tease, hoax, pull someone's leg, mess someone about, mess someone around

informal kid, make a monkey out of someone

British informal mess, have someone on, wind someone up

North American informal fun, shuck someone, pull someone's chain, put someone on

British dated, informal rot someone