Synonyms of job in English:


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1‘my job involves a lot of travelling’


position of employment, position, post, situation, place, appointment, posting, placement, day job

occupation, profession, trade, career, work, field of work, line of work, line of business, means of livelihood, means of earning a living, walk of life, métier, pursuit, craft

vocation, calling

vacancy, opening

Scottish way

informal berth

Australian informal grip

archaic employ

2‘a job that will take him three months to complete’


task, piece of work, assignment, project

chore, errand

undertaking, venture, operation, enterprise, activity, business, affair


3‘it's your job to protect her’


responsibility, duty, charge, concern, task

role, function, contribution, capacity, mission, commission

informal department

British informal pigeon

dated office

4‘it was a job to get here on time’


difficult task, problem, trouble, struggle, strain, hard time, trial, bother

informal headache, hassle, performance, pain, hard mountain to climb, hard row to hoe

5‘a series of daring bank jobs’


crime, felony

informal raid, robbery, hold-up, burglary, break-in, theft

informal stick-up

North American informal heist


    just the job


      the very thing, just the thing, just right, exactly what's needed

      British informal

      just what the doctor ordered, just the ticket

      Australian British informal

      just the glassy