Synonyms of intercourse in English:


See definition of intercourse


1‘the market was an important focus of social intercourse’


dealings, relations, relationships, association, connections, contact, interchange, communication, intercommunication, communion, correspondence, negotiations, bargaining, transactions, proceedings

trade, trading, business, commerce, traffic, trafficking

informal truck, doings

2‘she did not consent to intercourse with him’


sexual intercourse, sex, lovemaking, making love, sex act, act of love, sexual relations, intimate relations, intimacy, coupling, mating, going to bed with someone, sleeping with someone

informal nooky

British informal bonking, rumpy pumpy, a bit of the other, how's your father

South African informal pata-pata

vulgar slang screwing, fucking

British vulgar slang shagging

formal coitus, coition, copulation

formal fornication

archaic carnal knowledge, congress, sexual congress, commerce