Synonyms of instruction in English:


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1‘if a prisoner disobeys an instruction, he will be punished’


order, command, directive, direction, decree, edict, injunction, mandate, dictate, commandment, diktat, demand, bidding, requirement, stipulation, charge, ruling, pronouncement

summons, writ, subpoena, warrant

informal say-so

literary behest

rare rescript

2instructions‘read the instructions to find out’


directions, key, guide, recipe, specification

handbook, manual, guide, booklet, reference manual, ABC, A to Z, companion

vade mecum

informal bible

rare enchiridion

3‘an officer in the Royal Engineers provided instruction in demolition work’


teaching, tuition, coaching, tutoring, education, schooling, tutelage, pedagogy, andragogy

lessons, classes, tutorials, lectures

training, drill, drilling, discipline

preparation, grounding, priming

direction, guidance, information, enlightenment, edification