Synonyms of inspiration in English:


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1‘her idea proved a real inspiration to others’


stimulus, stimulation, motivation, motivating force, fillip, encouragement, influence, muse, goad, spur, lift, boost, incentive, incitement, impulse, catalyst

example, model, guiding light

informal shot in the arm, inspo

rare afflatus

2‘these writings lack inspiration’


creativity, inventiveness, innovation, innovativeness, ingenuity, imagination, imaginativeness, originality, individuality

artistry, expressiveness, creative power, creative talent, creative skill, genius, insight, vision, wit, finesse, flair, brilliance, sophistication

3‘Emily racked her brain and had a sudden inspiration’


bright idea, brilliant idea, timely thought, revelation

informal brainwave, aha moment

North American informal brainstorm

4‘she experiences pain on deep inspiration’


inhalation, breathing in, drawing in of breath

respiration, breathing