Synonyms of insensible in English:


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1‘I found her insensible on the floor’


unconscious, insensate, senseless, insentient, comatose, knocked out, passed out, blacked out, inert, stupefied, stunned

numb, benumbed, numbed, lacking feeling, lacking sensation

informal out, out cold, out for the count, out of it, zonked, zonked out, dead to the world

British informal spark out

rare soporose, soporous


conscious, responsive

2‘they were not insensible of the problem’


unaware of, ignorant of, without knowledge of, unconscious of, unmindful of, mindless of, oblivious to

indifferent to, impervious to, deaf to, blind to, careless of, unmoved by, untouched by, unaffected by, unresponsive to

informal in the dark about

rare insensitive of, negligent of


aware, heedful

3‘the almost insensible result of the various improvements’


imperceptible, unnoticeable, undetectable, indistinguishable, indiscernible, unapparent, inappreciable, invisible, inaudible, impalpable, unobtrusive, impossible to detect

slight, small, subtle, faint, fine, inconsequential, negligible, tiny, minute, minuscule, microscopic, nanoscopic, infinitesimal