Synonyms of infuriate in English:


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1‘his arrogance was beginning to infuriate her’


enrage, incense, anger, madden, inflame, send into a rage, make someone's blood boil, stir up, fire up

exasperate, antagonize, provoke, rile, make one's hackles rise, annoy, irritate, nettle, gall, get on someone's nerves, rub up the wrong way, ruffle someone's feathers, try someone's patience, irk, vex, pique

North American rankle, ride

informal aggravate, make one see red, get someone's back up, get someone's dander up, get someone's goat, peeve, needle, get under someone's skin, get up someone's nose, hack off

British informal wind up, get at, nark, get across, get on someone's wick, brown off, cheese off

North American informal bug, tick off, gravel, bum out

vulgar slang piss off


please, soothe