Synonyms of inform in English:


See definition of inform


1‘she informed him that she was ready to leave’


tell, let someone know, notify, apprise, advise, announce to, impart to, communicate to

brief, prime, enlighten, send word to, keep posted

informal put in the picture, fill in, clue in, clue up, give the low-down to

2‘he informed on two well-known villains’


denounce, give away, betray, incriminate, inculpate, report, tell the authorities about, tell the police about

double-cross, sell out, stab in the back, be a Judas to, give someone a Judas kiss

turn King's evidence, turn Queen's evidence

informal rat, squeal, squeak, blab, split, tell, tell tales about, blow the whistle, spill the beans, put the finger on, sell down the river, nark, snitch, peach, stitch up, do the dirty on

British informal grass, shop, sneak

Scottish informal clype

North American informal rat out, drop a dime on, drop the dime on, finger, job

NZ Australian informal dob, pimp, pool, shelf, put someone's pot on, point the bone at

rare delate

3‘half of the articles were informed by feminism’


suffuse, pervade, permeate, infuse, imbue, saturate

illuminate, animate

characterize, typify