Synonyms of inconsistent in English:


See definition of inconsistent


1‘his behaviour was inconsistent and irrational’


erratic, changeable, unpredictable, variable, varying, changing, inconstant, unstable, irregular, fluctuating, unsteady, unsettled, uneven

self-contradictory, contradictory, paradoxical

capricious, fickle, flighty, whimsical, unreliable, undependable, mercurial, volatile, ever-changing, protean, chameleon-like, chameleonic

informal blowing hot and cold, up and down

technical labile

rare changeful, fluctuant


consistent, predictable

2‘this finding is inconsistent with the conclusions of previous surveys’


incompatible with, conflicting with, in conflict with, at odds with, at variance with, differing from, different to, in disagreement with, disagreeing with, not in accord with, contrary to, in opposition to, opposed to, irreconcilable with, not in keeping with, out of keeping with, out of place with, out of step with, not in harmony with, incongruous with, discordant with, discrepant with

antithetical to, diametrically opposed to

rare disconsonant with, inconsonant with, repugnant to, oppugnant to