Synonyms of in the extreme in English:

in the extreme

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1‘David was generous in the extreme’


extremely, very, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, extraordinarily, to a fault, extra, tremendously, immensely, vastly, hugely, abundantly, intensely, acutely, singularly, significantly, distinctly, outstandingly, uncommonly, unusually, decidedly, particularly, eminently, supremely, highly, remarkably, really, truly, mightily, thoroughly

all that, to a great extent, most, so

Scottish unco


Northern English right

informal terrifically, awfully, fearfully, terribly, devilishly, majorly, seriously, mega, ultra, oh-so, stinking, mucho, damn, damned

dated, informal devilish, hellish, frightfully

British informal ever so, well, bloody, dead, dirty, jolly, fair

North American informal real, mighty, powerful, awful, plumb, darned, way, bitching, mad

South African informal lekker

archaic exceeding


moderately, slightly, by no means