Synonyms of imitate in English:


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1‘it was quite acceptable for artists to imitate other artists’


emulate, copy, take as a model, model oneself on, take as a pattern, pattern oneself after, pattern oneself on, follow the example of, take as an example, take as a role model, take after, follow, follow in someone's footsteps, follow in someone's steps

echo, parrot

follow suit, take a leaf out of someone's book

informal rip off

2‘he was a splendid mimic, and loved to imitate Winston Churchill’


mimic, do an impression of, impersonate, ape

parody, caricature, burlesque, travesty, mock

masquerade as, pose as, pass oneself off as

informal take off, send up, spoof, do

North American informal make like

archaic monkey

rare personate

3‘the tombs imitated houses’


resemble, look like, be like, simulate

match, echo, mirror

bring to mind, remind one of