Synonyms of humbug in English:


See definition of humbug


1‘to dress it all up as a ‘green’ tax is sheer humbug’


hypocrisy, hypocritical behaviour, hypocritical talk, sanctimoniousness, posturing, cant, empty talk

insincerity, dishonesty, falseness, falsity, sham, deceit, deception, deceptiveness, imposture, pretence

fraud, trickery, cheating

informal phoneyness, con, kidology

Irish informal codology

rare Tartufferie

2‘you are a coward as well as a humbug’


hypocrite, hypocritical person, plaster saint, whited sepulchre

charlatan, impostor, fraud, cheat, deceiver, dissembler, fake, sham

informal conman, con artist, phoney

rare Tartuffe


1‘poor Dave is easily humbugged’


deceive, trick, delude, mislead, fool, hoodwink, dupe, hoax, take in, beguile, bamboozle, gull, cheat

informal con, kid, put one over on, have on, pull the wool over someone's eyes

vulgar slang bullshit

archaic cozen