Synonyms of hit out at in English:

hit out at

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1‘he hit out at the government's lack of action’


criticize, attack, denounce, lash out at, rant at, inveigh against, rail against, fulminate against, run down, find fault with

condemn, censure, harangue, berate, upbraid, castigate, vilify, malign, assail, lambaste

informal knock, slam, hammer, blast, lay into, pitch into, lace into, bawl out, bad-mouth, tear someone off a strip, give someone hell, give someone a roasting

British informal slate, slag off, monster, have a go at, rubbish

North American informal pummel, cut up

NZ Australian informal bag

dated rate, reprobate

rare vituperate, excoriate, arraign, objurgate, asperse, anathematize, animadvert on, denunciate