Synonyms of heartily in English:


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1‘this development is something that we should heartily welcome’


wholeheartedly, sincerely, genuinely, unfeignedly, warmly, cordially, deeply, profoundly, from the bottom of one's heart, from the heart, with all one's heart, heart and soul

eagerly, enthusiastically, with eagerness, with enthusiasm, zealously, energetically, earnestly, vigorously, ardently, resolutely


with reservations, half-heartedly

2‘they were heartily sick of the whole subject’


very, very much, completely, entirely, totally, absolutely, extremely, thoroughly, fully, decidedly, really, exceedingly, immensely, uncommonly, extraordinarily, most, downright, one hundred per cent

Scottish unco

North American quite


informal right, too … for words, seriously, majorly

British informal jolly, ever so, dead, well, fair

North American informal real, mighty, plumb, powerful, way

South African informal lekker

dated, informal devilish

archaic exceeding